We’re going to share all the media, links, and feedback following Podcamp Pittsburgh 4. Send what you’ve got to “sessions [at] podcamppittsburgh d0t com” so we can keep the discussion and make the impact of your hard work that much more lasting. Also, please specify the session to which the material belongs. Thanks.

Mike Pound has finally summarized his experience at Podcamp Pittsburgh 4. Mike was a very helpful volunteer, does a great job prosthelytizing the newfangled outlets of blogs, podcasts, and vlogs, even among the stodgiest of his peers. He also was a last minute edition to the PCPGH4 schedule, presenting “Blogging 101.”

The three blogs I know that started as a result of the Blogging 101 session:

Comics and Beer. Bob agreed to be the guinea pig of the class. He’ll also be starting blogs for his journalism school students at WVU; naturally, I’m very curious to see how those go.

Crazy Love, Crazy Life. Danielle said in class she had three blogs ready to go, but hadn’t pulled the trigger on any of them. I was immensely pleased to see that this one, about her life as a newlywed, went live right after Podcamp.

Confessions of a Serial Life Changer. Danielle’s other blog that appeared right after Podcamp ended. This one will be a little tougher, as she’s dealing with  some potentially deep, personal stuff. Harder to write, sure; it also has the potential to be much more rewarding.

Way to go, Uncle Crappy!

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  1. Let me briefly reiterate something I said both in the session and in the post Anthony references here — If you started a blog after attending this session, I want to know. Comment here, comment at my site or send me an email (yourcrappyuncle at gmail dot com), and I’ll do whatever I can to help you keep it going.

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