We had a great meeting last night at Alpha Lab. I feel confident that PodCamp PGH4 will be one of the best so far.

At this time we are working on getting a number of details in order specifically related to our budget, sessions, and promotions. If you have been following along you will have noticed that the website, event bright and fliers have been wrangled and produced. So now that we have all of our organizational ducks in a row we can now actually focus on the event!

We have a number of attendees registered, Missy Sorg reported that we are gathering about five per day. So if this trend continues we’ll probably need to move to the convention center.

Social media continues to be the center of attention in the news and we as pioneers can position ourselves as thought leaders in the workplace. Here is an great article you can pass on to your boss and colleagues as real world examples of social media driving business.


Here are the links of PodCamp PGH 4 press to date.





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