Social Media 101: Basics of Social Media (Saturday at 10:00)

Session Description: This session will cover the basics of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).  The session will not address how to sign up for social media accounts, but will focus on content and management of social media accounts – both for personal and business use. Takeaways:   How to […]

Blogging with Humor (Saturday at 3:00)

Session Description: In this workshop, which I have taught in Philly and at Erma Bombeck, I teach about infusing humor writing techniques both for the humorist and for those looking to infuse humor into their work. I also teach about individual blogging, blogging on community sites and the responsibilities of […]

Blogging 101: Building Your Brand With Blogging (Saturday at 11:00)

Session Description: This session will cover the essentials of blogging 101! Discussion topics include how to start a blog, website essentials, growing your following and remaining consistent. Blogging is one of the fastest ways to build brand credibility and influence. Takeaways: -How to Start a Successful Blog -How to Remain […]

Blogging 201: Getting Started with WordPress (Saturday at 1:00)

Session Description: WordPress is a powerful open-source CMS (Content management system) that is perfect for Podcasters and bloggers. But, it is more than a blogging platform. WordPress can be used for e-commerce, membership sites, online courses and more. In this session you will learn the basics needed to get your […]

Blogging 301: Making the Move to Self-Hosted WordPress (Saturday at 1:00)

Session Description: Are you ready to make the leap to self-hosted WordPress? I am going to show you how. I will also answer any questions you may have about self-hosted WordPress. Takeaways: 1) Choose a domain 2) Choose hosting 3) Choose a theme 4) Move your current site Presenter:   […]