Evernote for Blogging and Podcasting (Sunday at 2:00pm)

Evernote, the robust note-taking software, can be used for all aspects of blogging and podcasting. Evernote can be used for organizing topic/show ideas, collaborating with guest bloggers, co-hosts and guests interviewees, and even used as the platform for publishing your blog or podcast. Ray Sidney-Smith is an Evernote Certified Consultant, Google Small […]

Small Business Social Media Tool Kit (Sunday at 1:00pm)

We will cover a wide array of tools for your small business in terms of the social web.  From networking in the 21st century, to tools to help  you share you message and to find the fans you already have.  We will spend a few minutes on each network in […]

Podcasting 101/201: Podcasting Basics (Saturday at 11:00)

Session Description: Podcasting 101/201 will dig into the basics you need to get your show up and running, and keeping you podcasting. We’ll dig into hardware from microphones to headphones, mixers and accessories, and what you ACTUALLY need. Then we’ll move into the software, RSS feeds, why we need one, […]

Podcasting 301: Tips, Tricks, and Hacks (Saturday at 1:00)

Session Description: Podcasting 301 will offer a discussion on all the things you wish you knew regarding podcasting. Getting found in iTunes, does New & Noteworthy actually matter, submitting to other directories (such as Google Play Music), what links to create on your site to up subscriber conversions, and other […]

Presenting and Understanding Statistics in Social Media (Saturday at 3:00)

Session Description: Everything is numbers. Understanding how to present them to viewers and how to understand the traffic data from the viewers improves the experience for both the viewer and the author of the content. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” but that is true only if […]

The State of Digital: Then, Now and Beyond (Saturday at 10:00)

Session Description: The digital landscape is in fast forward. This session gives attendees an overview of current and up and coming trends for businesses of all sizes. From marketing automation to integrated apps to the rise in video content – digital marketing efforts are all about the three key words: […]

Burnout and the Cult of Busy (Sunday at 11:00)

Session Description: “Our culture glorifies busyness, and perhaps the worst of it can be found in the tech industry. Workers at startups brag about how much they work, and how little they sleep. Engineers forgo lunch for more hours at their desk, social media is riddled with #hustlin and #riseandgrind, […]

Reboot: Starting a Podcast After an Absence (Sunday at 10:00)

Session Description: You’ve let your wonderful podcast go dark – no episodes in weeks or months. If it was planned, you left a going-away episode explaining that you’ll be taking a break and letting your audience know for how long. If not, many may unsubscribe out of confusion or frustration. […]

Visuals for Your Media (Saturday at 2:00)

Session Description: Ever wonder how to make amazing photos for your social and blog? Learn lighting techniques and framing. We will also discuss editing photos and correcting sizes for wordpress, squarespace, facebook, twitter and instagram. Takeaways: Better photos and visuals online. Increase your traffic and visuals. Presenter: Amanda Narcisi