How (& Why) Your Blog Is History (Sunday at 11:00)

Session Description: Imagine if you had a glimpse into the daily life of your great-grandparents during 1916. You could read about their family life, their favorite foods, and their opinions on music, art, politics and more. With pictures! Your blog has the potential to offer that perspective to your own […]

Dreams do Come True: The Possibilities of Podcasting (Saturday at 2:00)

Session Description: It’s been 11 years since podcasting came on the scene. If someone were to come up to me and ask, “Why would someone want to start a podcast” I have numerous inspirational stories of people having opportunities, in their business and personal life that have been life changing. […]

Content Marketing – Building the Bridge to Success (Saturday at 11:00)

Session Description: Creating Your Content Strategy – 4 steps to a Content Strategy: Objectives; Buyer Personas; Stages in the Buying Cycle; Execution and Amplification; Four types of Content Metrics. Takeaways: 4 steps to a Content Strategy: 1. Objectives; 2. Buyer Personas; Stages in the Buying Cycle; 3. Execution and Amplification; […]

Tracking Your Podcast Growth (Sunday at 10:00)

Session Description: Tracking Your Podcast Growth will discuss all the numbers we associate with our podcasts, and what those numbers mean. Our stats help us determine if our listenership is growing, where those listeners are coming from, and can affect how we talk about our shows with potential sponsors. Other […]

Fashion Blogging in the Worst Dressed City in America (Saturday at 1:00)

Session Description: Fashion Blogging in the Worst Dressed City in America GQ Magazine once named Pittsburgh the Worst Dressed City in America. Despite that reputation, our city has an ever expanding fashion blogging community. Tori Mistick and Ashley Pletcher of Style Social Pittsburgh will be hosting a panel discussion with […]

State of Podcasting (Saturday at 10:00)

Session Description: Michael Sorg of Sorgatron Media, Inc, and 10 year + Podcaster with Wrestling Mayhem Show, AwesomeCast, and more, leads a panel of Podcasters to discuss the current and future state of Podcasting. Takeaways: What do current Podcasters think of the state of Podcasting. Where should people focus on […]

360 and Virtual Reality: The Future of Media (Sunday at 1:00)

Session Description: Michael Sorg leads a panel of 360 Video and Virtual Reality content providers about where we are with 360 Video and Virtual Reality, the accessibility of Google Cardboard, Gear VR headsets, and 360 cameras, and where we go from here. Takeaways: How can I consume 360 and VR […]