PodCamp Pittsburgh 4

October 2009: PodCamp Pittsburgh is still going strong.  Under new “management” due to the transfer of founding father, Justin Kownacki, to Baltimore, PodCamp Pittsburgh 4 was picked up by co-organizers, Jennie Roth and Missy Sorg.  Building on the momentum from previous PodCamp Pittsburgh events, PodCamp Pittsburgh 4 saw an attendance of 360, over 100 more attendees than the previous year. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh again played host to the event, cultivating the knowledge attained from the prior year’s event to make PodCamp Pittsburgh 4 relatively seemless with exception to the filled-to-capacity session rooms.

Highlights included:

  • Live streaming sessions were undertaken through the assistance of Vivo Live, an AlphaLab start-up.  Using video obtained from the live streams, we were able to upload video sessions to put up on our website to share following the event.
  • With the growing PodCamp Pittsburgh community, the PodCamp Pittsburgh 4 session schedule filled quickly.  Among the notable sessions was that hosted by local anonymous blogger who was “outed” shortly before PCPGH 4, Virginia Montanez (a/k/a Jane Pitt, a/k/a PittGirl), along with her “Butler” Mike Woycheck, on shutting down your blog.  One of the other high-profile sessions during PCPGH 4 was that of the KISS FM Morning Freak Show.
  • PCPGH 4 was the first year we had to cap registration!  With 500 people registered to attend, we were amazed.  Although some attendees’ plans changed and they were unable to make it down to The Art Institute for the event, it was rather impressive to watch the registrations roll in.  It was spectacular to realize how much PodCamp Pittsburgh has grown!

For many attendees, PCPGH 4 is best-remembered as the year that we started to get things down.  Although we dealt with some logistical issues due to the outstanding turnout, it was apparent that we were getting the kinks worked out.  We boasted a full schedule which was finalized and available to the public prior to the event, which included session descriptions as well as brief biographies of the speakers.  We also had a variety of sessions to appeal to a wider spectrum of attendees.  Overall, it was apparent that we’re headed in the right direction!

Attendance at PodCamp Pittsburgh 4: 360 attendees (October 2009)

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