Podcamp Pittsburgh 3

October 2008: Building on the success of previous events, over 250 attendees took part in PodCamp Pittsburgh 3.  The Art Institute of Pittsburgh once again played host to bloggers, podcasters, photographers, programmers, artists, teachers and business owners, all looking to expand their knowledge of social and new media.

Highlights included:

  • Workshops emphasizing longevity of social media content.
  • A panel discussion about grassroots podcasting, including commentary from Should I Drink That and The Wrestling Mayhem Show.
  • Thanks to iJustine, we learned just how much of a difference the iPhone, and all its accessibility for bringing the internet to your pocket, makes on your cell phone bill.

For many attendees, PCPGH3 is best-remembered as the year that the idea of PodCamp started to become more mainstream.  With the highest attendance rate to date, it was clear that PodCamp Pittsburgh has created a name for itself.

Attendance at PodCamp Pittsburgh 3: 250 attendees (October 2008)

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