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Session Description:

#ArtisticVisionPgh is an annual art show curated by Most Wanted Fine Art to raise funds for artist health initiatives. This year, the show included two additional elements which lifted the vision to a systemic level – a blogger artist and a health advocacy partner. The blogger (Sue Kerr of Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents) interviewed a dozen participating artists, discovering their personal vision health challenges. This new layer of information led to a partnership with Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN) to directly respond to the unique needs of each artists in terms of accessing health resources, but also “closed the loop” to art as an advocacy tool through education.


Blogging as an art form is driven in part by its roots in the craft of journalism as well as the storytelling tradition. The methodical process of delving into the experiences of the participating artists disclosed patterns that weren’t visible to the naked eye, including misinformation about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and an array of preexisting conditions that could potentially be addressed. It also disclosed that the artists were often aware of the importance of vision health in spite of their lack of resources.

The end result was being able to give the artists valuable information to address their own vision health needs and inform their future work around topics of public health. It brought to light the importance of PHAN teaming up with local galleries and artists during the next ACA enrollment period. And it highlights the unique role blogging as a craft can contribute as an active participant in community projects, far beyond simple publicity and promotion.




Art Advocacy



The potential for blogging as a craft to take an active role in any community project, beyond promotion & publicity.

How to access local advocacy organizations to add information & awareness to an initiative.

Innovative ideas for building art initiatives that incorporate advocacy and crafts like blogging to reach a wider audience.


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