PodCamp Pittsburgh is a social, new media un-conference. PodCamp Pittsburgh is nothing without dynamic attendees and speakers who steer the content we cover each year. No two years are ever the same.

In 2004, PodCamp was built around podcasting, and as the event has grown across North America, PodCamp Pittsburgh has also evolved into a study of information sharing online and how it affects us in new and different ways each and every day.

In 2015, PodCamp Pittsburgh is celebrating 10 PodCamp Pittsburgh events, and we’ll have a variety of sessions designed to give you a local source of creative inspiration. You’ll learn how to get started (or how to grow) sharing what you do with the world through blogs, social media, videos, and all other types of online media. You’ll find out what (and how to use) the latest tools others are using to accomplish awesome things. We hope you’ll take the opportunity to engage with other attendees and speakers who share your passion and drive, and may even inspire something in you that you didn’t know was there.

So won’t you join us and create something awesome? All are welcome – content creators, social media wizards, designers, builders, anyone looking to learn, anyone looking to share, and most importantly, you!

As always, registration, socialization and learning is FREE!

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