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Evening with Podcamp: Buzzy Torek of Epicast

Join us as we have a chat with Buzzy (@bigbuzzum), the brains behind Epicast, a “multimedia/entertainment specialist based out of Pittsburgh, Pa. Dedicated to providing high quality, raw content” via audio podcasting.   Special thanks to our hosts Work Hard Pittsburgh!  Find out more about them at!  

Evening with PodCamp (Guest: Epicast) – September 30

Now that everyone has had some time to let the dust settle after PodCamp Pittsburgh X, we’re going to continue our monthly community activities – picking up with our Evening with PodCamp series. Mark your calendars: Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2015 Time: 6:00 p.m. Location:  The Hardware Store (Work Hard Pittsburgh), 744 E Warrington Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA […]

AwesomeCast 262: LIVE from Podcamp Pittsburgh X

This week on Awesomecast 262, we talk awesome things in technology, including: Podcamp!  Social Media!  Podcasting! Everyone give their Awesome Thing of Podcamp as we discuss the state of Social Media and what we got out of the event! QR Codes!  Why are they wrong, and how can the become right! How easy is it […]

Social Media & Social Impact

<strong>Session Description:</strong> Who are you and what message are you sharing? Your personal brand has an affect on how people view you and how you impact the environment around you (your community in Pittsburgh and your online community). In this session, we will begin a conversation about how your personal brand can inspire a positive […]

How to Generate Buy-in & Turn Your Organization into a Social Enterprise

Session Description: “How to Generate Buy-in & Turn Your Organization into a Social Enterprise” is a must-attend session for virtually every social media manager, digital marketer, and business leader hoping to keep up with the changing landscape of modern business. Organizations must now face a harsh reality: either keep up or get kicked to the […]

Dear Social Media, I Hate You…

Session Description: Ever get sick of your social media marketing and think about how does it benefit you and your business? We explore fun options to get out of the “I see no return” “I have no time”, and just simply “Facebook Algorithm Sucks” blues. Takeaways: 1 Calendar and Scheduling programs. 2 Beating the Twitter […]

Beyond the Hashtag: Using Social Media to Engage Your Community

Session Description: An important component of community building is understanding the lived experiences of our neighbors. This session will explore how social media tools, including blogs, can be effective (or not) in the process of educating and exposing our community to the real lives of their neighbors. Panelists will discuss their organizing experiences using a […]

Justin Kownacki – 2006 – 2015: Where have we Been …and What’s Next?

Bio: With it being the 10th year of Podcamp Pittsburgh we thought the best person to give the keynote was someone who was there from the beginning. Justin Kownacki is a professional writer and problem solver and for the past 10 years he has worked in digital marketing. But that is his day job. In […]

OG Podcasters Panel with Justin Kownacki

Session Description: Panel discussion with some of Pittsburgh’s longest running podcasters. Takeaways: 1.  Podcasting then. 2.  Podcasting now. 3.  Podcasting future. Presenter: Justin Kownacki @justinkownacki Panelists: John Carman – @carmanavenue – The G Spod Doug Derda – @douglasderda – Michael Sorg – @sorgatron – – Will Rutherfort – @djlunchbox – – […]

Tweet Jukebox – Play Your Tweets in a More Efficient Way

Session Description: This a new way of scheduling for twitter that I’ve found easier than hootsuite and buffer. I was frustrated with only scheduling tweets out once and not able to send it multiple times without rescheduling/re-entering it. Canyou say TIME-SUCKER! This program allows you to have “jukeboxes” (folders) organizing what you send out. You […]


Just under the wire, Point Park got things fixed.  We WILL be live streaming our sessions.  But, we still encourage folks to utilize Meerkat and Periscope n’at for sessions they’re in, too! See y’all on the interwebz!

BREAKING NEWS: Online Streaming Unavailable

We are experiencing some technical difficulties onsite.  Wi-fi connectivity is unavailable.  Point Park is working to get things back up and running – and we will be sure to notify everyone AS SOON AS THAT OCCURS.  In the interim, our live streaming will be unavailable.  However, sessions are being recorded locally and will be available […]

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